He is Vlăduţ

Vladut, the 6 year child diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, needs urgent help for a surgery in Israel Vladut Circiu, the 6-year child of our colleague Sorin Circiu, has been recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and two other tumors at his lungs. He needs to go to Israel urgently, at Sheba Medical Center, the largest medical facility in this country, to get surgery and treatment. After analyzing Vladut’s medical file, the Israeli hospital’s officials decided to accept him for surgery and treatment.

The initial costs were estimated at USD 500,000. Vladut’s family must urgently send a deposit of USD 120,000 in order for the child to be accepted and be able to start the treatment. Due to the gravity of his medical situation, Vladut must be urgently hospitalized in Israel and the parents are not able to cover the costs by themselves.

You can help them by donating money in the bank accounts written below. The accounts are opened on the mother’s name: Circiu Elisabeta Paula The IBAN for the account in EUR, opened at UniCredit Bank, is RO29BACX0000003158410005

The IBAN for the account in RON, opened at UniCredit Bank is RO56BACX0000003158410004 SWIFT code: BACXROBU You can also donate on the GoGetFunding dedicated page The medical documents are available here and here.

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